Central Library


The College Library consists of a Central Library with Departmental Libraries and has a growing collection of over 30,452 books in various branches of Engineering, Technology and Sciences. There are also plenty of books in Social Sciences and Literature. The library functions from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm on all working days. The Library is housed in an area of 1764 m2 and has a well equipped Digital Library and Computer centre.

  • 70 Reputed National Journals are also being subscribed to provide latest information in Sciences, Engineering and Humanities.
  • Library provides online access to 232 e-journals (IEEE, ASCE, and ASME).
  • Digital Library facility has e-contents of Faculty publications, conference proceedings, teaching notes, slides, previous University Question Papers.
  • Digital Library is equipped with 15 computers with all modern digital services available.
  • An exclusive Computer Centre is available adjacent to the digital library. The Computer Centre is equipped with 61 computers.
  • We have an average daily attendance of 180 members and an average transaction of 260 books per day.