Courses Offered

The various academic departments in the institute offer course based degree programmes .The following courses based degree programmes are offered by the departments:

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) VAST offers a unique four-year undergraduate Program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Technology . The Program aims to prepare students to either pursue a professional career immediately after graduation or to continue with postgraduate studies either in India or abroad. The B.Tech. Program also enhances freedom of choice by offering a large number and variety of elective courses. Since technological courses are introduced from the very first semester, the student has the necessary background to specialize and delve deeper into specific sub-areas of knowledge. Elective courses constitute the bulk of the curriculum in the third and fourth years of study. During the fourth (final) year of study, the student is required to undertake a full-length project. The minimum academic qualification for admission is a pass in the 10+2 or its equivalent with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/Computer Science. There are seven academic departments in the institute. The following departments offer

B.Tech. programmes.

Post Graduate Courses

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* *Accredited by NBA for two years, w.e.f. 01-07-2015.