Mechanical Engineering

UG Programme is Accredited by NBA for two years, w.e.f. 01-07-2015.

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The four-year B.Tech programme admits 120 students each year. It also admits four lateral-entry students. It prepares graduates to further specialize in emerging areas like robotics, aerospace, design and systems, fluid mechanics, materials science, bio-technology and nanotechnology to help them seek employment with a wide range of industries.

Vision of the Department

Progress through education by creating smart mechanical engineers who can shoulder both theoretical and practical situations in the complex mechanical engineering world.

Mission of the Department

1. To impart high quality education in Mechanical Engineering through practical and theoretical training.

2. To create and maintain an environment which will facilitate effective teaching-learning process for the facultyand students.
3. To mould smart and dynamic mechanical engineering graduates who will shoulder real life engineering problems by applying practical and theoretical knowledge along with various management tools and professional ethics.