Head of Department

Dr. V N Krishnachandran


Previous Experience : British Council Scholar in Loughborough University of Technology, U K Head of Department of Mathematics, Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur Principal, Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad & C K G Memorial Govt College, Perambra
Areas of Interest : Area of spcialisation and of research interest is theory of semigroups with focus on the topology of the semigroup of linear endomorphisms. Also interested in classical geometrical investigations. Has published several research papers in international journals. Has some expertise in the TeX typesetting system created by D E Knuth, and its many later variants like LaTeX. A populariser of Computer Algebra Systems like Maple and Mathematica. An early entrant to the world of computer programming, deeply interested in the art and craft of problem solving using computers. Currently spends much time with Wikipedia, the web based free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, enriching its content by contributing articles, editing existing pages and uploading image files.
Contact Details : krishnachandran@vidyaacademy.ac.in (+91) 4885 287751/52 Ext : 150