Information Technology Infrastructure Services (ITIMS)

Functions and responsibilities:
Information Technology Infrastructure Services, informally known as ITIMS working under CSE department is an integral part of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology which provides computing resources for research, academic and administrative needs of the college. 
ITIMS provides leadership for planning and coordinating central IT resources and is responsible for constantly upgrading and developing the computing systems on campus. The services offered spans over a vast range of areas like Enterprise Applications, Networks and Security, Systems and Operations, Teaching and Learning Technologies, System Services etc. 
ITIMS is also responsible for identifying, providing and maintaining reliable computing facilities, computing network environment, communication facilities and related infrastructure to facilitate education, research and instructional services. The facilities are made available to the staff and students on all working days. 
The wing manages the NOC (Network Operations Center), various ISP connections (10Mbps 1:1 leased line from Asianet, 100 Mbps 1:4 leased line from BSNL and a Broadband connection from NMEICT having up-to 30Mbps speed through BSNL), gateways and firewalls on campus. IT Enabled Services also encompasses new network implementations and Wi-Fi networks. At locations where wireless connectivity is essential, Wi-Fi hot spots have been setup to connect to the campus over wireless links. 
Network cabling within a laboratory or a block is designed and implemented using the structured cabling approach. This allows flexibility and scalability for expansion in the future.
Core Services:
  • Campus-wide computing and networking infrastructure design.
  • Hosting the campus network operations centre and network services.
  • Technical support to all departments on IT enables services.
  • Maintenance of all hardware and software systems.
  • Maintenance of learning resource facilities.
The computer laboratories are equipped with desktops / workstations. Buildings are interconnected and all the computers are networked over OF cables / fast Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet link. 
Organizational Structure:
1. Mr. E.T. Sivadasan ( Assoc. Prof., Systems Manager - CSE)
2. Mr. Shali ( Server Administrator)
3. Mr. Martin ( Computer Programmer)
4. Mr. Varun Mohan (Technical Support Associate)
5. Mr. Sreejith K.S ( Technical Assistant)
In the Institution, an IT Help Desk is functioning and it is a sub unit of ITIMS. At present, this unit is handled by computer programmer. This computer programmer is supported by a Technical Asst. and three trainees. This unit is responsible for maintenance of computers, printers, computer networks etc. Computer network expansions, terminations of the computer networks are also responsibility of IT Help Desk.
List of people working in IT Help Desk
- Mr. Martin P.R 
- Mr. Sreejith K.S. 
- Mr. Sharlet L