Programme Outcomes (POs)

Students graduating from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur are expected and prepared to exercise the skills and abilities (a) through (l) listed in the Program Outcomes below.

a) Students will have the ability to apply the knowledge of engineering mathematics, physics, chemistry, inter disciplinary and mechanical engineering.
b) Design and perform laboratory experiments for mechanical and related systems and know how to analyse and interpret results.
c) Ability to design and develop a mechanical system or component  to meet specific requirement and ability to work professionally in mechanical systems areas resulting in patents, journal publications and product development
d) Ability to function on multicultural and multidisciplinary teams
e) Ability to define and solve problems related to mechanical engineering
f) An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
g) Ability to communicate technical matters effectively in oral, written and in graphical form
h) Have broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering in a global, economic, environmental, and social context.
i) Commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement through lifelong learning 
j) Knowledge of contemporary issues in mechanical engineering
k) Ability to use modern modelling and simulation techniques; and computing tools
l) Ability to apply innovative techniques in engineering design and development to meet society’s needs.