Internet Service

Internet is made available in all computer systems of the college. User authentication has been implemented to access Internet services. Staff and students can access Internet using their individual user-id's.

E-Mail Service

Institution uses Google Apps Education Edition for providing e-mail services to staff members with domain name Every staff member is provided with unique e-mail account in the system. Various functional groups are created for the convenience of staff for effective communication and to share online documents with their respective functional areas. Using Google Apps application each user gets space for storing mails as well as official documents in the google drive. The Google Apps Education Edition service is provided by google and is absolutely free for colleges and universities. Click on the link:- List of Group ID's and Aliases in Vidya Mail for information about group id's and aliases is provided.

  • Login to e-mail
For login into the mail system, click on the following LOGIN button and enter user name and password issued by the college.

Online Complaint Management System

Staff members can log all types of service related complaints to the online Complaint Management System using the e-mail id provided by the institution.

Once the complaint has been logged, the user can check the status of the complaint by viewing the worksheet.

Google Drive

Google drive services allows the user to create and share Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Forms online. Username and Password are same for both mail and Drive.


Please click on the following link for the undertaking with respect to VAST IT usage policy. IT Usage Policy