1. Separate in campus hostels are provided for men and women with spacious, well furnished rooms. Common rooms offer TV, indoor games, telephone, reading, wi-fi and internet facilities. Dining with wholesome meals and round the clock security services are provided.
  2. Two blocks for women and one block for men consisting of accommodation for over 400 students are provided. Three students to a room are accommodated having individual bed, almirah, table and chair. Students can use their laptops / desktops in the rooms.
  3. One Resident Tutor per floor of the hostels will be staying for close interaction towards security, guidance, discipline control and assistance in academics. Strict study hours are followed to enable the students to catch up on the academic schedule. Two resident matrons (ladies hostel) and sergeant (men’s hostel) each have been posted who will ensure all administrative requirements of the students are attended to round the clock. Students are strictly regulated for their leave and return to hostels, late coming to hostels in the evenings is seriously viewed.
  4. No form of ragging is permitted and a zero tolerance policy is followed by the college authorities towards ensuring the same. Fresher’s are specifically counseled appropriately and educated on this aspect. Fresher’s and their parents can be rest assured that this college is taking all necessary actions to ensure that their wards can be admitted to the hostels without any fear of ragging being perpetuated by their senior students.
  5. A senior faculty is appointed as the Hostel Warden and the mess committees and hostel committees formed from within the student hostellers and residents tutors strive to ensure good quality of food is served in the canteen and the hostel activities suited to the students are implemented.
  6. Sufficient number of newspapers and magazines are subscribed to the hostels and a library exclusive to the hostels is also provided. Opportunities are provided to students to learn four wheel driving and also apply for their passports.
  7. Extremely strict measures are taken to ensure that no form of consumption of liquor, drugs, gambling, extortion of money, smoking etc takes place in the college campus.
  8. Arrangements have been made to provide medical facilities by way of a visiting Doctor and also to take the students to hospitals in times of emergency.  
  • Hostel rent and other fixed charges -- Rs 1700/-
  • Messing – Rs 2700/- per month approximately.
  • Caution deposit of Rs 4000/- and one month’s hostel fees of Rs 3500/-(both refundable) will be collected at the time of joining.
  • A nominal amount of Rs 250/- per year will be charged for use of laptops in hostels.
  • For Guest accommodation: Rs 200/day


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11. Contact numbers:
Hostel Warden    :  9446935381
Boys hostel          : 04885 288430
Ladies hostel 1    : 04885 288431
Ladies hostel 2    : 04885 285767