Women Empowerment Cell (Internal Complaints Committee)

As per the letter [D.O. No. F.91-3/2014 (GS)] from the UGC, the UGC had constituted a Task Force to review the existing arrangements for the safety and security of girls & women in particular and of the entire youth in general on the campuses of institutions of higher learning. Accordingly, It is necessary  that the University/ lnstitute/ College must have a committee and a separate cell to deal with issues of gender based violence and gender sensitization programs, to evaluate, assist and support Higher Educational Institutes to meet certain requirements which will make mandatory in order to give effect to a policy of zero tolerance on campuses for gender based violence and harassment with a view to eliminating cultures of impunity (and also cultures of silence and complicity). The Cell could provide on-going management advice, supervision and oversight, as well as information material from time-to-time. As per the guidelines of UGC, any  such complaints of Sexual harassment can be reported to any of the following members.

1.Dr. Sudha Balagopalan (Principal, VAST, principal@vidyaacademy.ac.in)
2.Dr. Latha Raj (Director,S&Wand Advisor, WEC, latharaj@vidyaacademy.ac.in)
3.Ms. Sobha.A.P (Convenor,WEC, sobha@vidyaacademy.ac.in)
4.Ms. Aswathy. M.R (Member, WEC – CSE, aswathymr@vidyaacademy.ac.in
5.Ms. Lakshmipriya (Member, WEC- CE, lakshmipriya@vidyaacademy.ac.in)
6.Ms. Mary Varghese ( Member, WEC – EEE, mary@vidyaacademy.ac.in)
7.Ms. Sisira.P (Member – PE, Sisira P sisira.p@vidyaacademy.ac.in)
8.Ms. Sandhya.V.G (Member ,WEC – ECE, sandhya.v.g@vidyaacademy.ac.in)
9.Ms. Aparna S. Balan(Member ,WEC– MCA, aparna@vidyaacademy.ac.in)

 Also a complaint register is placed in the Principal’s  office for the same purpose. If any such incident comes to the notice of the authorities, action should be taken against the erring official/ faculty members promptly under intimation to UGC.