• Department Library
Department Library houses 600 volumes in more than 100 titles in a spacious room. The titles covers the entire areas of mechanical engineering including emerging technologies. The books contributed by students, faculty and publishers, and are issued to the students and faculties on demand.
  • Seminar Hall

The department seminar hall can accommodate a maximum of 200 students. This seminar hall is being utilized for student seminars, project presentation, department association activities / seminars , farewell functions , conferences, invited talks  etc.
  • Tutorial Room 
Department has two  tutorial rooms to conduct tutorial classes.
  • Department Counseling Room

Department holds unique counseling center. Every faculty receives a  counseling training at the time of joining. Three faculties deputed for each class. The counseling session for students is carried out in the counseling room.
  • Thermal Lab
This lab gives students an exposure to internal combustion engines and various tests that are conducted on I C engines in order to measure various performance indicators of an engine. The lab has miniature models of various types of internal combustion engines.
  • Production Lab

In this lab, the students are given an exposure to various basic production processes taking place in the industry such as metal cutting and turning. They are given hands on training in the most commonly used machines and equipments in the production field. The students are also made acquainted with the latest production techniques and production machinery used in industries of late.

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab

In fluid mechanics lab, students get a chance to study the construction and working of miniature models of various machines that work with water power such as hydraulic turbines, hydraulic pumps, etc
By completing these experiments and study, the student gets a basic idea of controlling fluid flow and properties of a fluid in motion. In other words, students become adept in the subject of fluid mechanics.
  • Heat Transfer Lab

Mechanical engineers often deal with heat, which is an excellent working substance. Hence heat transfer lab is included in the curriculum. This lab makes the students understand the basics of heat transfer. It gives hands on training to students for handling various heat flow controlling and measuring devices.
  • Metrology and Instrumentation Lab
This lab enables  the students to get trained in Calibration and Use of different measuring instruments. By the completion of this lab , student will have a comprehensive knowledge of uncertainties involved in any measurement.
  • CAD/CAM and Robotics Lab
In this era of computerization, CAD CAM lab offers a platform with all the necessary infrastructure where students get an exposure to various software and programming tools applied in mechanical engineering. It also makes them proficient in areas such as computer aided drawing, simulation, modeling and computerized machine operation, robotics and numerical controlled machines.
  • Research Lab
Mechanical department encourages its faculty member to continuously improve their academic qualification and teaching skills. The department has a research lab with work stations of configurations capable of performing high speed computations. 25 user license of ANSYS  has been  recently added as analysis software for the faculty and students who pursue their research. Equipment like solar water heaters, catalytic converters, data loggers, Digital gas analyzers, etc have been installed.