Following the women empowerment programme conducted for the girls in the college, the idea of forming a women’s club was born. With this in mind a women’s club was formed.  Around 60 girls are members of the club. The Sankrit word “Sargaa” means “Creative Woman”. The inauguration of the women’s club was held on 19th November 2015.
Dr Latha Raj.P, Director (SWS) is the Advisor of the club, Ms. Divya Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor, Humanities is the Staff convenor and Ms Meghna S Nair (S3 CE B) is the student convenor. A session on Cake and Chocolate making was organized by Sargaa, the VAST Students women’s club on 29th April 2016. A total of 41 staff and 15 students participated in the workshop.