Physical Education

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The Department of Physical Education at Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, holds a unique position in sports and games in the Calicut University. Established in 2004, the Department has produced a number of sporting heroes and heroines who have won many Calicut University and State championships. The Department provides opportunities for students to participate in sports and games so as to make their stay in the college campus useful, purposeful and enjoyable. Facilities for games such as Basket ball, Cricket, Football, Volley ball, Handball and in-door games like Table Tennis, Badminton,Chess and Carrom are provided. Gymnasiums with sophisticated fitness equipment are available for student for improving their physical fitness.The Department also provide regular, organized training programme to the students in various sporting events and Yoga for their wholesome development.

Two full time Physical Education personnels are assigned to facilitate the activities of the department. Our aim is to bring our college among the frontiers through Sports activities. The Department is also organizing various University, District and Intercollegiate level competitions to nourish sporting talents among the students. As a part of the Physical Education activities, students are motivated to take part in the Intramural Tournaments and Annual Sports Meet. Apart from this, students are encouraged to participate in University ,District Level and PECSAGA ( Private Engineering Colleges Sports and Games Association) competitions.